Social Determinants of Health


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Social Determinants of Health
Three Approaches to Studying Health
1. Health as Socially Organized and Defined.
This is the theory that the book by Germov & Hornosty (2012) and the Social Model of Health, which is used to support the viewpoint. This model views health issues as issues to be analyzed, researched and evolved utilizing traditional research methods in the field of sociology. The authors make this argument in their book in chapter one: Imaging health problems as social issues (p. 2-22). The field of health sociology is a field of study that utilizes illness and/or wellness as a variable in studying how health is socially organized and defines (Germov & Hornosty, 2012, p. 23). The theories that health sociologists use...
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.....y work, alcohol and drug intake, as well as social connections and family support. All of these factors relate to health determinants, in addition to income inequality. This phenomenon is exemplified in the rural young women’s experiences that use the intersectional framework as a basis for health outcomes (Dhamoon & Hankinvsky, 2011, p. 131).
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