Social Determinants of Health


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Social Determinants of Health
What determines the health of an individual? There are surely a great many determinants of health, ranging from an individual’s personal health profile to the quality of available medical care. However, in recent years, more attention has been paid to the so-called social determinants of health, including factors such as income, race, gender, and other social variables. Raphael, Bryant, and Rioux (2006) refer to such variables as part of “the broader structural forces that impinge upon the provision of care” (p. 264).
Beginning in the late nineteenth century, and benefiting from increasingly sophisticated methods of data collection and analysis, researchers have demonstrated that the social determinants of...
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.....upon our own personal agency. But, by the same token, we should not forget why we are in the water in the first place. It is to this fact that theories of social determinants of health call our attention.
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