Social Awareness and Self-Development: A Summary of Readings


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Social Awareness and Self-Development: A Summary of Readings
The relationship reading deals with the story of Edward and Sarah, both couples are married but it appears the best way to describe their relationship is that of odd couples. Right from the start it is obvious that this relationship was not based on truth. First Sarah was teasing Edward with lies about the birds which were non existent. Once they were outside and Sarah told Edward to look on the tree to see a bird and as Edward looked, Sarah told him the bird had just flown away. When Edward informed Sarah that he did not see any bird, Sarah said she just saw the bird fly away which obviously was not the case. The funny thing was that Edward had discovered Sarah’s lies about 3...
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.....nderstanding these stages becomes a handy experience to help me further realize what my action would be when I confront such situations in future.
A helping professional who understands the inevitability of roadblocks in life would be in a position to put things in a much better perspective in future when real life scenarios are involved. These lessons learned here are highly positive for me, and I can truly say that they would undoubtedly positively influence my tolerance levels when helping others
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