Social Activism and Jews: A Look at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav


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Social Activism and Jews: A Look at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav
What role does sexuality play in religion? Does being gay, lesbian or transgender separate individuals from God? What are the consequences of living true to your sexual identity in religion? These are difficult questions to answer, yet they must be answered in order to build a relationship with God (
Sexuality does matter in the fellowship portion of organized religion. Fellowship is the foundation of organized religion. Experiencing love from and with others is living out God’s love of us as individuals. If our fellows do not accept our sexual identity then giving and receiving love as God loves us becomes difficult (
Practiced same sex sexual activity...
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..... towards their religious duties and juxtaposed ideals. This is a result of influences from western mentality, daily life and peer-pressure. The rising rates of intermarriage and assimilation in the Jewish community is resulting in having fewer children which means that there are fewer Jews to carry on biblical traditions of Judaism. As synagogues and the spiritual part of the Jewish religion has grown more inclusive there has been a resurgence in popularity amongst younger Jews.
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