Snowden’s Findings Corroborate Current Thinking


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Snowden’s Findings Corroborate Current Thinking
Paper Assignment for Psychology 120B
Snowden’s findings corroborate current thinking as well as long held beliefs that attention and eye movement is directed primarily by the M stream; however, the research confirms that the P stream role is more than a chromatic receiver, since color does aid in the target’s identification and detection.
1. The intermediate independent variables used were the luminance spectrum/cue and the exposure time, while the indicator dependent variable was the reaction time.
2. Parasol and midget ganglion cells functions were not taken into consideration as a variable. Neither measuring ranges of color, considering that contrast and reaction can be reduced,...
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..... same.
2) Second part: We would use a big simple object in motion that would move from right to left to up to down during three different periods of time: 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 15 seconds. Motion speed will remain the same.
This quantitative research method will intend to prove that the P stream is able indeed to perceive objects in motion not only stationary targets as it is believed. The perception of the details, however, will be proportionally detected by the individual depending on the length of exposure to the object in motion which may allow the brain to register it more accurately.
Snowden, R. J. (2002). Visual attention to color:
guidance of
resources? Psychological Science, 13 (2), 180-184.