Snake Search and Rescue Robots


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The beginning:
Snake Search and Rescue Robots
In a special CNN science and technology article, it is being reported that innovations in robot technology are providing much promise in terms of the way search and rescue operations will be conducted in the future.
The technology discussed in the article is a snake robot built on a modular design that is capable of emulating many of the locomotion capabilities of real snakes. The project is being sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University. Team members are also working closely with other universities and research institutions around the world including the Norwegian Institute of Technology and John Hopkins University.
So far, tests of the snake robot have been limited to controlled environments. And the testing...
The end: the range and time limitations. Researchers are not certain when the necessary breakthroughs and advancements will occur in this area.
In the final comment of the snake robot, researchers admit that is will likely be another ten years until these devices are available for use in search and rescue operations. But they are confident that snake robots will one day be extraordinarily valuable devices. Researchers assert, in fact, that "We've currently only reached the tip of the iceberg with what we can do, but there is so much value to be had from these robots" (Irvine).
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