Snackey Dog Foods Auditing


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The beginning:
Snackey Dog Foods Auditing
Snackey Dog Foods started as a home based operation by sisters Sarah, Kim and Jillian. Originally the produced specialty dog foods and sold through a network of neighbours, local kennels and veterinary clinics.
As demand for their products grew they began selling their products to local grocery and pet stores. With the expansion in sales they were able to open a larger facility. They also started a line of upscale single serving food under the name Best Boy Gourmet.
This year Kim the President has been developing plans to obtain a $150 000 loan to expand the companies facilities and obtain new equipment. However, the bank has made the loan conditional on a successful audit. The bank is concerned with...
The end:
.....ntability. In order for Snackey Dog Foods to receive a favourable audit they would need to deal with their accountability issues. With increased accountability the company will increase its efficiency and their will result in significant improvements in efficiency and economy.
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