Slavery in the United States


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Slavery in the United States
Slavery in the United States has always been a contentious topic. While there is a general consensus about the general details of slavery there is a lack of consensus on the real nature of slavery. While most historians agree that slavery was based on economic factors, they differ in their opinions of the social and political factors of slavery.
In this essay the arguments of three historians will be compared and contrasted. It will be shown that although all the historians agree that slavery was based on an economic need for labor for cotton plantations, the level of social and political acceptance of slavery was highly debated.
One area that all the historians agree is that slavery in the United States was...
The end:
.....ased on economic factors, there is a lot of disagreement regarding the social and political nature of slavery. While some historians suggest that slavery was never problematic, other historians believe that that slavery was always problematic. There is also so disagreement about the scale of slavery. Some experts believe that it was ubiquitous in the South. Others argued that it was only practices by plantation owning elites.
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