SkyWest Business Case


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SkyWest Business Case
This paper shall discuss the issues related to the Sky West business case. The case will incorporate a number of frameworks, among them Porter’s Five Forces, the Boston Matrix, SWOT Analysis as well as an analysis of where Sky West fits within Porter’s Generic Strategies.
SkyWest Case Study
While the recent acquisition of American Southeast Airlines
Significantly increased the number of routes and geographic coverage for SkyWest Inc., it also presented a number of issues that could threaten to derail the regional airline’s growth aspirations.
On the heels of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the airline industry has been in a state of flux. The first half of the decade witnessed dire conditions for...
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.....estructure their operations
Alliance with Midwest Airlines has increased SkyWest’s fleet size and has opportunity to grab even greater share within regional carrier market
Emergence of United’s Ted and Delta’s Song could decrease number of higher paying business travelers use of regional airlines
Substantial fuel cost increases decreases demand for passenger flight; cost pressures from major airlines passed along to regional carriers, which cuts into margins
Proposed mergers from major carriers could cut number of hubs they fly out of, thus reducing need for regional carriers that served hubs they choose to forget
Lohman, A. SkyWest Inc. and the Regional Airline Industry.
Long Beach, CA: California State University, 2007.