Sky Online Entertainment: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


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Sky Online Entertainment: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
More and more gaming companies are coming under scrutiny in the light of accusations that the online games they produce pose various health risks to the public. As the case study of Sky Online Entertainment demonstrates, in fact, many people think that gaming companies contribute in some ways to addictions, abuse and neglect of children and other family members, and even suicide by players. In light of such claims and allegations against Sky Online Entertainment, Vice President of Marketing, Scott McDaniel, is faced with the difficult decision of doing what is morally right and socially responsible. Accordingly, the following discussion uses six moral standards...
The end:
.....ported as being socially responsible.
In conclusion, although moral codes like relativism, ethical egoism, moral rights, and the thinking of men like Milton Friedman can lead to the conclusion that McDaniel and other executives at Sky Online Entertainment do not need to provide additional warning labels and/or make the game less potentially addictive, that is a difficult position to support in light reasoning supported by utilitarianism, Kantianism, and moral justice.
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