Six Sigma in the Honeywell Organization


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Six Sigma in the Honeywell Organization
Executive Summary
Six Sigma is one of the most forceful business strategies developed in the last century to advance product quality, designs, services, and to steadily reduce manufacturing costs. In the 1980s, the Motorola company created the Six Sigma approach to production as a way of decreasing the amount of variation in their output. Honeywell, a diversified technology and manufacturing leader, was one of the early adopters of the program. The company worked to create its own version of Six Sigma, which they identified as Six Sigma Plus. In the new methodology, Honeywell focusses on extending the Six Sigma philosophy outward by identifying customer needs, designing value propositions and...
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.....ment which is a tool for defining what is important to customers; it enables better anticipation and understanding of customer needs.
•Activity based management to look at product and process costs in a comprehensive and realistic way by examining the activities that create the costs in the first place and hence allowing for better subsequent management.
•Enterprise resource planning which uses special computer software to integrate, accelerate and sustain seamless process improvements throughout an organisation.
•Lean enterprise with skills to enhance the understanding of actions essential to achieving customer satisfaction. These skills simplify and improve work flow, help eliminate unnecessary tasks and reduce waste throughout a process.