Situational Leadership for an Insurance Company


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The beginning:
Situational Leadership for an Insurance Company
The objective of this paper is to identify a position with the new expanded company for the author and gain an understanding of Situational Leadership, its strengths and weaknesses and its suitability for the specific position that the author will be filling in the company as opposed to other forms of leadership like transformational leadership, transactional leadership, pursuant leadership, servant leaders, participative leadership and the quiet leader.
The Company
The company that has been chosen for this analysis is one that is in the insurance industry. It is an insurance brokerage that works for both the insurers and the
by being the middle man. The brokerage...
The end:
Based on the discussion above it is apparent that situation leadership is the most adoptable leadership style and can be used by almost all managers, who may or may not have formally gained any leadership skills or may or may not have the necessary personality traits.
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