Showgirls: Performance and Femininity


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The beginning:
Showgirls: Performance and Femininity
This essay explores a show-girl very much in the news at the present time – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The paper will explore how Palin represents a kind of femininity that is characterized by her body bringing/conveying reassurances to men (and possibly to more than a few women) who are troubled by harsh, “ugly” women assuming leadership positions in society. This particular show-girl understands that her femininity is a weapon so long as she is physically appealing and “sexy;” her career depends upon her looks. At the same time, she does not appear to engage in the same sort of cosmetic reshaping of herself (plastic surgery, in other words) that other women do – though this may be simply a...
The end:
.....e question of what women should be and what their functions should be in a twenty-first century, one’s views of Sarah Palin and her public performance serve as a litmus test for where one stands ideologically.
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