Should the U.S. Build New Nuclear Power Plants?


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Should the U.S. Build New Nuclear Power Plants?
The United States should not build new nuclear power plants and in fact, the United States ought to decommission all of the existing ones. Nuclear power is an extension of an archaic and passé point of view that does not think forward enough into the future. This myopic mindset has given the world finite power sources already in the form of fossil fuels and coal. Nuclear power is not safe for the environment either. In the short-term, it is less invasive to the environment, but in the long-term it is more harmful. Furthermore, in an increasingly small world, tensions between nations are always tenuous; nuclear power plants present an Achilles-heal to both national defense and the fuel...
The end:’ with the waste is to simply bury it. This may result in the appearance of a perfect solution, but only in the short-term. Relying on short-term gains has given the world nothing but trouble; the United States should not build any new nuclear reactors and to responsibly address the present dangers, ought to decommission their existing ones.
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