Should the Identity of Sperm Donors be Revealed?


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The beginning:
Should the Identity of Sperm Donors be Revealed?
In the pages that follow, I shall argue that the identity of sperm donors should be revealed because doing so is in accord with utilitarian ethical theory; that is to say, the greatest good is that which allows the children to know their own past, their own potential health risks, and their own genetic background. With the cloak of anonymity removed, it is also possible for sperm donors to become much more scrupulous about their conduct and actions.
The argument which informs my theory is predicated upon the belief that the children in a relationship (even if is a relationship involving a sperm donor and a woman who has no other contact with that sperm donor) have a right to know from whence...
The end:
.....nevitably lead to more questions being asked and to a woman being more selective about the sperm bank she uses and, where possible, more selective about the candidates she considers. In the end, the greatest good is served by getting rid of secrecy.
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