Should Teachers be Colour Blind?


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Should Teachers be Colour Blind?
One of the issues with the concept of cultural diversity is while diversity is easily explained as differences between like objects; culture can have a number of different meanings for different situations. Regardless of a personal opinion about what culture entails Brown (2011) explains that it is an acquired knowledge and it is important in helping individuals and groups to “make sense of the world that they live in” (p.62). Perhaps more importantly though than a discussion on what culture entails is the understanding that all human beings are multi-cultural and when you add that concept into a classroom environment that has multi-ethnicities within a single class, appreciation and an understanding of...
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..... racially-based situations. One way to deal with the culturally diverse Canadian classroom might be to first acknowledge that diversity exists; then accept that the diversity is an important part of individual identity. Once that is an accepted part of the educational framework ways can be found to make small changes to lesson plans, and the role model examples set by teachers to reflect an acceptance and even celebration of our diverse culture. The lessons taught in class will then better prepare our students for the global village environment they will be growing up in.
Brown, H. (Ed.). (2011). Foundational Methods: Understanding teaching and learning. Fourth Custom Edition. Brock University. Canada: Pearson Learning Solutions.