Should Entertainers be Paid More than Doctors?


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The beginning:
Should Entertainers be Paid More than Doctors?
Essay Outline Template
I. Essay topic (Should entertainers be paid more than doctors?)
II. Thesis statement: entertainers should not be paid more than doctors because they contribute less to society than doctors and possess fewer skills.
III. Body
1. 1st point: doctors should be paid more because their talents are harder to find (anyone can be an “entertainer”).
i. “Sub-specialists are in high demand, but the supply isn’t keeping pace,” (Szabo, 2010, p.12)
ii. Supporting discussion / analysis (1-2 sentences).
There can be no question that it is hard to find people with the medley of skills necessary to be doctors; as a result, their talents should be better-rewarded by society.
2. 2nd point:...
The end:
..... patients'.
19. View their medical colleagues as a source of support, information and camaraderie.
20. Treat nurses and other staff in a courteous and professional manner.
21. Learn the gentle art of patience, patience and more patience.
22. Keep up with important advances in health care and research.
23. Never let anger, the killer of careers, interfere with the mission at hand.
24. Be able to always, always, have a plan of action to help a patient.
25. Appreciate the unique gifts each physician carries within, and never let a tough day become an excuse to withhold them from those who need them the most.
P.S. I deliberately left out such things as "knowing how to perform CPR" - such mundane tasks are assumed to be universal to all doctors.