Should Drugs be Used to Treat Mental Disorders?


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Should Drugs be Used to Treat Mental Disorders?
Thesis Statement
Drugs should be used to treat mental disorders when the disorder is A) reliably correlated with a documentable physical abnormality of the brain and/or nervous system and B) requested by the patient or a healthcare proxy. While no protocol of drug administration is flawless, this two-pronged approach has numerous advantages. Firstly, it roots the idea of drug treatment in an empirical approach. Thus, sight diagnoses of mental patients will have to be replaced by diagnoses that rely on physical evidence, such as brain MRIs and other data. Secondly, transferring consent to the patient or the patient’s proxy (which could be the state if the patient were incapacitated and had no...
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..... main physiological and biochemical systems controlling blood pressure are well understood, as are their responses to the drugs used for treating hypertension. Hypertension occurs when excessive vasoconstriction and/or volume are not compensated, respectively, by adequate pressure natriuresis or suppression of the reninangiotensin-aldosterone system. The AB/CD rule for treatment minimises the steps required in individual patients to achieve these compensatory adjustments. Possible differences between drug classes in prevention of stroke or coronary heart disease are minor compared to the importance of blood pressure control. This is ideally assessed by 24 hour ambulatory monitoring of blood pre ssure and its impact on left ventricular mass.