Should BP be Accountable for their Safety and Environmental Impact on the World?


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Should BP be Accountable for their Safety and Environmental Impact on the World?
Today’s society is faced with numerous environmental and ecological problems of such proportions that they are now endangering the health and well-being of the world’s human population. Big businesses, companies like BP, are largely responsible for much of the pollution causing these environmental problem. Oil production and consumption for example are believed to be the main reasons for global warming. Global warming is expected to raise temperatures worldwide. Rising global temperatures are also expected to raise the sea levels, and change precipitation and other local and global climate patterns and conditions. The effects are expected to be devastating and...
The end:
.....vironment for their profit, yet the ‘costs’ to the environment are not included in calculations.
In conclusion, corporations like Bp should be held responsible for any environmental damage that occurs during their operations. As well as for any negligence toward environmental issues. However, we, the general public and consumers also need to question our dependence on and need for oil – the need that driven companies like BP to find, extract and produce more oil in the cheapest way possible.
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