Short Story Comparison and Analysis: Winnie the Pooh and Kim Possible


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The beginning:
Short story comparison and analysis: Winnie the Pooh and Kim Possible
The world of
the Pooh is really unlike any of the other worlds encountered in the children’s literature world. The ensuing several pages will look at the characteristics of this world and will outline the kind of value and attraction it may hold for the child audience by comparing it to the world presented in Kim Possible. The main difference, as we shall see, is that there is more cynicism in the Kim Possible franchise. There is also more attention paid to self-consciously political items; for example, in the Kim Possible series, we have a situation wherein it is a young woman – as opposed to a lovable Pooh Bear – that is acting as an assertive, efficacious...
The end:
.....view of the world that is geared towards young (and white) females, it is less-suited for the transitional process that all young children must undergo at some point in their formative development.
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