Shakespeare’s Sonnet #73


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Research Topic: Shakespeare’s Sonnet #73
Thesis: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73, “That time of year thou
in me behold,” shows how love always seems to have to race against time. The sonnet shows how time influences love. This essay looks at each of the 3 quatrains which focus on an individual metaphor, and then the concluding couplet. The poem shows the progression of time from sunrise, through sunset to the end of the day. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 is part of the sonnets 1-124 which are addressed to a beloved man. At this writing, Shakespeare was 36 years old and this sonnet is one of the many that discuss time. The speaker in the sonnet reflects on the fact that his beloved will notice how he has aged over time and how he should be...
The end:
..... of intermediate to advanced Shakespeare study.
Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Critical Essays. This is a collection of essays about Shakespeare’s sonnets by various writers who specialize in English literature. The essays are not chronological but theme based.
Shakespeare’s Sonnets 12 and 73. This is a critical and thorough analysis that compares the two sonnets. It is a long seminar paper that was published in Germany.
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