Shakespeare’s Play “Richard III” and Laurence Olivier’s Film Adaptation


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The beginning:
Shakespeare's Play "Richard III" and Laurence Olivier’s Film Adaptation
The ensuing several pages will look at Shakespeare’s
, Richard III, and examine Laurence Olivier’s film adaptation. The text will note the play commences with Richard III’s seemingly sad soliloquy in which he laments his ugliness and deformities; the film begins, instead, with much pomp and ceremony as Edward claims his throne triumphantly. The play, for its part, also soon gives us some grim insight into the hateful inner-being of Richard; by contrast, it is a little later (roughly the commencement of part 2 of the 16 parts of the 1955 film adaptation) before we learn the hatred in Richard’s heart towards his unsuspecting brother. With regards to the casting,...
The end:
.....extualization not found in the play.
To end briefly, this film is a look at how a classic film adaptation of a classic play is quite faithful. Olivier wants to capture the raw emotion and intensity of the play and he succeeds nicely; the narrative arc of the film and of Shakespeare’s play is remarkably similar. The one key difference, if any is to be found, is that the start of the film features a bit more contextualization.
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