Shakespearean Insults


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The beginning:
Shakespearean Insults
Lesson Plan 6: King Lear Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2
Title of the Lesson: Shakespearean Insults
Time: 75 minutes
Background Information: In this lesson, students will explore the use of insulting language in the context of the experience of Kent at the hands of Regan and others in the play. This lesson is an attempt to make this language more accessible, and to empower the student as a reader/performer and begin to explore new words in the play. This will help students’ reading and writing.
Learning Expectations:
Students will meet the following standards from the Ontario senior curriculum in Reading and Literature:
1.8 identify and analyse the perspectives and/or biases evident in texts, including increasingly complex or...
The end:
.....hoices, or to how Cordelia feels about the King. The next step is have students ask themselves what those images might mean to them. What emotions do they produce? What actions do they make you want to do? The students may find that certain words contain more powerful images than others. These are a good place to start in building the new more modern speech.
In completing this exercise, your students will find a greater connection with the action, the text and the characters. They will be encouraged to stay engaged in the story to pick out which part of the speech they liked best. This will also help them to begin to look at story structure and how each piece of a story fits within the whole, and how different interpretations might be made.