Sexuality and Independence in Older Adults


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Sexuality and Independence in Older Adults
Sexuality is an important issue for older adults because of the widespread societal assumption that sex and sexuality belongs only to the younger generation. Independence also is a central issue for older adults since maintaining independence means being autonomous and having control over one’s life. My purpose in this paper is to demonstrate the similarities between the concepts and link these two issues of sexuality and independence. I will approach these concepts through a holistic perspective. Human growth and development never end sexuality and intimacy refer back to the person’s self-concept and ability to interact deeply with another person while independence is related to how...
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.....erson. Attentive listening to the person’s needs is essential.
I now view the concepts of sexuality and independence much differently. I have found that one concept affects the other and this is very important for the person’s quality of life. Both concepts are linked with life satisfaction and when satisfaction is high in one area of life it will also be high in the other.
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