Sexual Health Theories, Concepts and Promotions


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Sexual Health Theories, Concepts and Promotions
This initiative, called Women Won't Wait, is focussed on raising awareness about the links between violence against women an the spread of HIV/AIDS in countries around the world. Gendered violence leads to women and girls being more vulnerable to the virus and the disease. As well, the initiative makes the argument that HIV positive status, whether it is known or perceived, can increase a woman’s or girl's risk of violence.
The issues being addressed include the fact that many women around the world are being forced to have sex against their will. This coercion ends up in many women having rougher sex which can exacerbate the transfer of HIV. Women in this situation...
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.....violence, one man who has the virus would be able to spread it to many different wives and possibly their children as well (depending on if they passed the virus to children through pregnancy). At the same time, if violence is used, this type of situation could become even more challenging. These types of cultural environments can also exacerbate the nature of the male/female dichotomy, as noted by Kersten (1996). Cultural elements of sexual health should therefore be included when examining the spread of HIV.
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