Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Case of “Caesar’s Palace v. Castro”


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Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Case of "Caesar’s Palace v. Castro"
This paper shall examine the sexual harassment and discrimination case of Caesar’s Palace v. Castro. The legal basis and underlining law will be briefly reviewed. The specific actions of the casino shall be described. A policy that may preclude future employee actions is presented.
Sex Based Discrimination
Discrimination occurs everyday in the workplace, some people are hired instead of others, some are promoted instead of others, and some are fired instead of others. Discrimination is legal when it is based upon objective work standards of performance, objective standards for qualification, and objective rules of permissible workplace conduct. However, since...
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.....oyer may have diffused the situation in its infancy.
Illegal work place discrimination is an unfortunate reality, and in an ever tightening job market many employees that feel slighted may choose not to raise objection. It is important to bear in mind that there is a very long statute of limitations and improper conduct today can haunt an employer long into the future.
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