Sex as the Fulfillment of Physical Desire


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Sex as the Fulfillment of Physical Desire
Western philosophy has been exploring human sexuality since its birth in ancient Greece. For example, Plato investigated both in his dialogue ‘Symposium’. Since these early inquires, sex and sexuality have been
in philosophy within several frameworks, most notably metaphysical, spiritual and moral. The discussions have been particularly concentrated on the purpose of sex in human lives and what it represents to us. This essay will argue that even though sex cannot be entirely separated from three frameworks (i.e. metaphysical, spiritual and moral), it is obligatory first to understand the fundamental nature of sex independently and outside of these from these frameworks because sexual...
The end:
.....y). Thus, it is completely unnecessary to call upon other philosophical ideas to explain sex and its role. Rather, when the essence of sex, as a fulfillment of a desire, is accepted, than other ideas can be applied to really understand what is morally accepted sex, when sex is indeed a communication and when not.
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