Set of Mutual Funds for the Portfolio Component


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Set of Mutual Funds for the Portfolio Component
In this document the author will be explaining the disadvantages of Cliff’s current investment approach and then go on to construct a portfolio for Cliff, limiting the selection to 5 mutual funds by assuming that he will sell his current stock and bond holdings – specific dollar amounts will be made for each set of mutual funds for the portfolio component and most importantly it explains the reason for each portfolio component.
In order to this the author has visited an investment firm that deals with mutual funds similar to and, etc and has selected 5 mutual funds that will diversify his portfolio. The author will also record...
The end:
.....refore this would be a good option for Cliff as well.
Further ensure that there is sufficient coverage of the different sectors – based on high performance, medium performance and low performance as well as growth potential and stability.
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