Services for Older Adults: Meals-on-Wheels


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Project 1: Services for Older Adults: Meals-on-Wheels
Meals-on-Wheels is far more than an organization which delivers food to senior citizens. The service is also intended to address priority psychosocial needs and especially isolation (
, 2008). The service makes a use of a holistic approach in that, although the focus is on nutrition, other needs such as specific types of housing or care of pets are also considered. The program attempts to meet every possible need for seniors. Because they are so focused on meeting older people’s needs in all domains, the one improvement that the service could use would be enhanced training.
The mission of Meals-on-Wheels is to support the independence and wellbeing of seniors. This...
The end:
.....s much training as possible in assessment and interventions.
, E. &
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