Self Assessment: Guided Reading


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Self Assessment: Guided Reading
1. The concept of guided reading is not necessarily a new concept for the advancement of literacy, although it is growing in popularity throughout the public education system. Nonetheless, this framework for reading is one which is not familiar to all teachers at all grade levels. As a result, the following is an outline for a plan to present this concept for consideration at the school level with my colleagues.
Step 1: Workshop. The concept of guided reading will be deeply familiar to some educators at the school, but not to others. Knowing this, it will be more pragmatic to create a workshop format for the introduction of guided reading in order to build on the knowledge and experience of colleagues. The...
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.....rection and add to or subtract from students’ workloads if necessary. Doing so will require me to ensure that my ability to adapt and change is at the forefront of my practice, and that I am open to learning. This reflects the standards presented by the Ontario College of Teachers, which state that ongoing professional learning is integral to effective practice.
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