Selection of Information Systems


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Selection of Information Systems
In today’s fast paced business environment having a well organized, highly effective IT/IS system is integral to any company’s success. At the core of any optimal information system is its design and implementation. In order to ensure that the proper system is implemented along with the means to operate it effectively (support) a business must choose the appropriate consulting firm. Failure to properly select the consulting firm that can best handle the firm’s needs will ensure that whatever project is being considered will not be handled in the most effective and organized fashion.
This analysis will compare two IT consulting firms. These firms are (1) Xonicwave Services and (2) Systems Integration...
The end: is no acknowledgement at any stage, unlike Xonicwave, that takes into consideration the need for an effective timeline management.
It is clear from this analysis that Systems Integration Solutions is vastly inferior to XonicWave Systems. Unlike Xonicwave, Systems Integration does not explicitly incorporate any of the key principles of IT/IS evaluation into their customer service model.
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