Selected Poems: Book Review


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English 2
28 May 2009
Selected Poems: Book Review
Selected Poems is a collection of the work of Derek Walcott which spans his entire career.  The comprehensive anthology of his work is reflected in the overwhelming messages about life that Walcott delivered in his work.  The first section of the book is entitled “In a Green Night: Poems 1948-1960.”  There are a total of nine poems in this section.  One of the most evocative poems in this section is “Tales of the Islands.”  In these poems, there are vivid themes which are derived from the setting of the Caribbean Islands.  What is particularly effective in this collection of poems is the linguistically sound writing...
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..... he described.  His work could evoke a variety of emotions with its rich use of language and imagery.  While Walcott did not hold back with his writing, the reader is constantly left with a feeling that there is more to be had.  Walcott gave so much to the reader with his work that the writing acts almost like an addicting drug: one simply is not able to put his work down without finishing the reading.  Writers like Walcott come along so rarely that when a poet of his caliber makes an appearance, any reader with serious appetite will covet all of his work and want to read as much as possible, as fast as possible.  Perhaps no greater testament to a poet could be made.  Thus, Selected Poems is a gift from the great poet to readers everywhere.