Seal Hunting Should not be Prohibited in Canada


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Seal Hunting Should not be Prohibited in Canada
This paper argues that seal hunting should not be prohibited in Canada because it is important to the economy of the First Nations people of Canada and because it is also important to the culture of these peoples, as well. Finally, we must not overlook the fact that the seal hunt is well-regulated and the killing of the creatures is humane; it is not a senseless or barbaric slaughter as some in Europe have depicted it. In the end, the seal hunt is done humanely and serves valuable economic and cultural functions; it should not be banned and would harm Canada’s first nations’ peoples if it was banned.
The simple truth of the matter is that the seal hunt is economically invaluable to the First...
The end:
.....the tundra, spotted a few seals diving into ice-holes in the distance and walked closer to inspect their habitat.
She wore sealskin gloves for the affair.
Monday's scene, which raised eyebrows and turned stomachs around the world, galvanized critics and supporters alike and thrust Canada's commercial seal hunt to the fore.
Jean said people are probably too conditioned by modern life and forget where food comes from.
"When I eat beef, I am totally aware that eating beef is also ... a once-living thing. Vegetarians make a choice in their life," she said.
She points out that seal is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients and has sustained the Inuit for centuries, in a harsh climate where there remain very few options for a healthy meal.