SDAIE, SIOP and the Use of Teacher Dialogue or “Discourse”


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The beginning:
SDAIE, SIOP and the Use of Teacher Dialogue or “Discourse”
Weekly Journal:
The readings focused on “Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English” (SDAIE), “Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol” (SIOP) and the use of teacher dialogue or “discourse” to meet the unique needs of ELL students in sheltered instruction.
SDAIE and SIOP share many characteristics with each other and with elements of instruction known as “Effective Teaching” methods. A major difference is their focus on strategies that specifically assist the ELL student.
For example, ideas like explicitly teaching necessary vocabulary, speaking slowly to provide wait time or having clearly defined objectives might fit all three methods. However, under SDAIE the focus is...
The end:
.....students define on their word banks, choral response to pronounce each.
Multi-modal instruction: Teacher directed, pair and small group discussion, label maps, point to location on satellite photo, choral responses.
Planning pyramid: Ex. All students will know ten terms, but in assessment may extend beyond to identify multiple examples up to twenty.
Engagement: Ex. Lesson chunked into small parts with teacher directed, whole group, small group and individual components.
Use of primary language to reinforce skills: Ex. Students given Spanish term for each vocabulary term as well as objects that share the same shape.
Cooperative groups used for instructional conversation: Ex. Groups work together to identify landforms/bodies of water on maps.