Scott Russell Sander’s “Under The Influence” Questions


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The beginning:
Scott Russell Sander's “Under The Influence” Questions
Question 1:
Sanders interweave external, objective sources with the story of his father to make about about his point of view. Thought his point of view was very influenced by his personal life and interaction with this father, it was also hugely influenced by culture, the bible and peripheral stories that he made connections with in his own mind. For example, Sanders talks abut comparing his father’s behavior to a biblical story, and then relate it to his own personal situation with his father. “In silence, he went rushing off the cliff. Unlike the biblical swine, however, he left behind a few of the demons to haunt his children. Life with him and the loss of him twisted us into...
The end:
.....inking, it is not his vice. He has a different one. He gets his father’s addiction in a different incarnation, but expects to be addicted to liquor, hence the “I listen for the turning of a key in my brain.” The protagonist is still trying to understand his father even though they are similar in their addictions, though their addictions are very different.
Respond from classmate last paragraphs by Michael Waite
I totally agree! I think that the last two paragraphs totally spoke to the universality of the situation. It does become about dealing with any parent, and being a parent, too. The author struggles with his role as both parents and child, and the extension of addition and how addiction applies to both roles. It’s a lifetime struggle.