School District Organization and Parental Involvement


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School District Organization and Parental Involvement
Managers may come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have a variety of common qualities and objectives. Buckingham and Coffman (1999) argued that "great managers share one thing: Before they do anything else, they first break all the rules of conventional wisdom" (p. 11). This innovation can be of great use in helping to shape the organization of a school district to be more effective in its capacity to encourage and develop parental involvement. The organization of the school district can be managed in such a way that parents can be viable partners in the endeavor of education children.
The Relationship between the School District and Parents
School districts...
The end:; Coffman, 1999, p. 62). The School District often looks upon parents as “junior” partners rather than being legitimate associates capable of helping exact serious results in pushing the education of children. Management techniques can be innovatively applied so as to achieve these ends. Children are the future and creative techniques of School District organization can perhaps elicit more constructive involvement from their parents.
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