Schizophrenia in the Workplace


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This paper shall discuss schizophrenia in the modern workplace environment and weigh the best strategies for someone afflicted with the psychological disease to maintain employment.
Schizophrenia in the Workplace
Individuals that suffer from various psychological disorders struggle to find and keep consistent employment. Mental disorders may include milder cases of attention deficit disorder (ADD) onto more severe illnesses such as borderline personality disorder or even schizophrenia. Those with mental illnesses that seek employment often face significant obstacles because of the stigma commonly associated with those who exhibit signs of mental issues. Nonetheless, there are strategies that can be employed by those with...
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.....gher self esteem and an improved quality of life. This type of gradual easement into employment, combined with concerted support and goal setting can allow schizophrenic patients to find and keep employment better than other theories on the subject.
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