Saul’s Life and Samuel’s Death and Afterlife


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The beginning:
Saul's Life and Samuel's Death and Afterlife
Saul, the first King of Israel, is one of the most enigmatic in the Old Testament, with much about key events in his life left unexplained (Nelson, 1998, p. 119). Identified by God's prophet Samuel as the chosen candidate for the new throne, after God had somewhat reluctantly agreed to the people's demand for a shift to kingly rule, Saul began his reign well enough.
He soon was attacked by Samuel, however, who proclaimed him a failure, and then found himself cut off from God when his own prophetic dreams ceased. At the same time, the man whom God had already determined upon as Saul's successor, David, was becoming famous as a warrior and military leader.
Desperate for some sort of vision of the...
The end:
.....l should have resigned the kingship when Samuel told him the Lord had turned against him and the Lord's favor to him had ceased. Instead, he threw what in effect was an extended tantrum to get the Lord's attention, with repeated attempts to make away with David, his anointed successor, and to force information from the dead that the Lord could easily have given him if he were intended to have it. The Lord's silence should have been all the answer that Saul needed.
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