Satirical Christian Symbolism in “The Diviners” and “Green Grass, Running Water”


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Satirical Christian Symbolism in "The Diviners" and "Green Grass, Running Water"
This literary analysis will compare and contrast the use of Christian symbolism found within the novels The Diviners by Margaret Laurence and Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King. King often uses the character Dog to satirically represent the European Christian “God” that interacts with Native American traditions defined by Coyote’s trickster mythology. This type of satirical commentary on the Christian religion is also found in Laurence’s own symbolic descriptions of Sunday school, but with a contrasting secular element of faith in Morag’s religious education. In essence, Christian symbolism will be analyzed for elements of satire and the complexity of...
The end:
.....een insight into the superficiality of Christianity and of the question of faith that rise in modern society. This is how Laurence and King’s use of satirical Christian symbolism are similar and different within these two novels.
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