San Gabriel Real Estate Analysis


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Real Estate 123
12 December 2009
San Gabriel Real Estate Analysis
The intersection of W. Valley Blvd. and S. Del Mar Ave. falls in the city San Gabriel and zip code 91776. This area is in the middle of a very lucrative real estate market. The city itself was named after the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, which was one of the first Spanish missions in California. San Gabriel was founded in 1771 and has grown steadily since then.
According to the 2006 estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, the population was of San Gabriel was 41,024 people. The ethnic composition is as follows:
Asian Origin: 48.9%
European Origin: 33.4%
Hispanic Origin: 30.7%
Other Ethnicities: 12.4%
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.....ential homeowners. The neighborhood is going through a gentrification process in which it is becoming more distinctly Asian. Additionally, the intersection of W. Valley Blvd. and S. Del Mar Ave. is part of the economic revitalization that this gentrification has brought to the city of San Gabriel. In general, the entire area is steadily moving upscale and thus it is a great strategic investment for potential homeowners. With excellent interest rates available, potential investors would be well served examining this part of Southern California for possible real estate investment.
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