Same-Sex Classrooms and Student Achievement: An Analysis


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The beginning:
Same-Sex Classrooms
and Student Achievement:
An Analysis
     As a future teacher, current and former student, and current substitute teacher, 
much of my time has been and will continue to be spent in the classroom, whether instructing, observing, or being instructed.  My academic experiences have increased 
my interest in examining the effects that same-sex classrooms would have on student academic achievement.  For almost all students, the effect of the opposite sex is an issue that stems from the earliest stages of life, and inevitably influences academic performance in the classroom   Consequently, it is important to examine whether same-sex classrooms have a positive or negative impact on children’s academic achievement...
The end:
.....e from fiction by converting as many claims as possible to testable hypotheses and performing the necessary research. In this way, the two parallel debates can be separated from each other. "Does SS schooling benefit or harm the students, and in what ways?" can be separated from "Is it worth it for society regardless of the benefits or costs?" with each debated on its own merits.
These general implications of the review provide a stepping-stone for future research through the continuation of quality research on extant outcomes, the refinement of methodology, better statistical reporting, and the expansion of the theoretical domain. If heeded, these implications can improve the generalizations made about single-sex schooling and coeducation.