Run Inn Marketing Analysis – Situational Analysis


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The beginning:
Run Inn Marketing Analysis – Situational Analysis
Internal Environment – Strengths
3 owners, 8 staff, 2 retail locations: Small organization with few decision makers. Conducive to quick decision making and fast implementation of new ideas.
Large product selection (over 1000
of apparel, footwear and accessories) coupled with a high level of customer service, including specialty fitting of shoes.
In addition to selling products, Run Inn also holds weekly running clinics.
Developed and maintain high community brand awareness and a good image through support of locally sponsored non-profit events, clubs, and schools; sponsor the Delta Triathlon; participate in fashion shows; donate to the Delta Hospital; Make an effort to hold monthly...
The end:
..... promoting the benefits of being a loyal customer. A new younger customer would then spend more over his customer life than a new older customer.
Current Market Focus
The current market focus is on runners, walkers, and those potentially interested in these activities in the
areas. The focus is on both men and women, although 60% of the sales are currently to women. The focus is also on young people, but Run Inn wishes to strengthen this in terms of sales figures.
The current goal of the retailer is to restructure the business such that it can be franchised within the next 6 months. This will increase Run Inn’s market share significantly.