Rules of Professional Conduct: Problems with Answers


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Rules of Professional Conduct: Problems with Answers
Problem 1 Ken is an Immigration Consultant. Three days into a refugee hearing that was scheduled to take two days, Ken's financial retainer has been exhausted. Ken's client advises him that she won't pay any more legal costs and attributes the delay to Ken's long and unnecessary examination of her and her witnesses. The client then confides in Ken that in spite of her allegations to the Refugee Protection Division, she is not really a refugee and is only an economic migrant. Ken is concerned about whether to continue to act for this client. With reference to the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Commentaries, identify and discuss the issues raised by these facts.
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..... or the client in question; the offer of the property is certainly not something that is going to cause the immigration consultant to work any less vigorously on behalf of the client. Lastly, the immigration consultant is not engaged in any other relationships that might negatively impact the ability of the consultant to advise the client effectively and productively. All told, it may appear to be untoward to enter into close financial ties with a client, but there is nothing about the arrangement discussed above that appears to be unethical or blatantly unprofessional.
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