Role Transition from an NP Graduate Student Perspective


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Role Transition from an NP Graduate Student Perspective
Discuss Role Transition from an NP graduate student perspective. What is the process composed of and how do you fit into Brown and Olshansky's theory of Limbo to Legitimacy? How is this like or unlike role socialization as the RN beginning or changing areas of specialization?
Role transition from an NP graduate student perspective means that transition from nursing school to a new role as a graduate nurse. The nursing school places the nurse in a structured environment using theories and frameworks to understand the nursing profession. It is a place of familiarity since you spend many years in an educational environment. However when you transition into an NP graduate nurse you...
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.....unity as well as list of available parks. I would ask the patient to incorporate a physical activity for daily routine instead of setting time aside. If lack of motivation is a perceived barrier, I would let them join a support group which can encourage the patient.
This does not conflict with ethical principles. According to the ethical principles the nurse has to ensure that the goals of the patient are being met to enhance the quality of life and it is the nurse’s responsibility to educate the patient about options and consequences in order for the patient to make an informed decision. In this case my ability to motivate the patient can increase the quality of life and enable the patient to make the right decisions for his or her health.