Role of Unrealistic Media Depictions of the Ideal Female Form


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The beginning:
Role of Unrealistic Media Depictions of the Ideal Female Form
Unrealistic body images presented in the media promote physical and psychological disease among women
This paper is a response to the readings mentioned above that look at the role unrealistic media depictions of the ideal female form play in the formulation of physical and psychological disease among young women. The view of this paper is that, quite correctly, we must realize that unhealthy depictions of the human form do lead to people engaging in unhealthy activities (poor dieting, most of all) that result in ill-health. A review of the available data is quite clear that many Canadian women view their bodies in such a fashion that they feel the need to engage in poor eating...
The end:
..... there is no way around this. Women can create their own body image, however, and can resist such stereotypes; they need to find the resiliency and the courage to do so. Indeed, women in our society owe not only to themselves but to future generations of women to reassess what it means to be beautiful in our society and they must cease being endlessly oppressed by images of physical beauty that are unnatural and counter-productive. Until such time as such changes are belatedly made, there will continue to be issues that will cause women needless pain and confusion.
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