Role of Testing Employees During Pre-Employment Screening


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Role of Testing Employees During Pre-Employment Screening
It has become common place for employers to administer tests during the pre-screening of potential employees. There are a variety of tests employers can choose from including cognitive, personality, medical exams, drug screening, credit checks and criminal background checks. Testing has become an effective means of weeding out people who are not qualified or who cannot meet the minimum standards for a particular job (“Employment Tests and Selection Procedures”, 2010; “Validate Hiring Tests to Withstand EEO Scrutiny: DOL & EEOC Officials”, 2008).
As a result of employer screening the federal government has seen it necessary to legislate and regulate the process of employee...
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..... the position is and demands and who the potential hire is on a variety of levels. The goal of an organization is to create a superior workforce. Screening and testing make the achievement of that goal more attainable (
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