Role of Gasoline and Its Impact on World Trade and World Economic Growth


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Role of Gasoline and Its Impact on world trade and world economic growth
I.                     Introduction
                                                               i.      Motivation for paper/why reader should be interested in paper. Understanding the role of gasoline in the goings-on of global trade (and economic growth) is vitally important insofar as those who have gasoline in a fossil fuel-driven global economy have great leverage that they can use to advance political and geopolitical objectives. Furthermore, nations that must import large amounts of their oil are nations that are vulnerable to gasoline-exporting nations using their relative advantage to squeeze concessions from recipient nations in a whole host of other...
The end:
.....konomiczna w Krakowie. 
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By Atmane Dahmani 
The author is a lecturer in the Department of Statistics at Cracow University of Economics, Poland.