Risk Taking and Decision Making in Nursing Leadership


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Risk Taking and Decision Making in Nursing Leadership
This situation is at the point of needing to make a decision and almost amounts to an ethical dilemma. Ideally, there can only be one right decision because the patient’s wellbeing is at stake. However, the new graduate nurse also has her career at stake. The nurse does not realize two points: it can be a legal nightmare if she covers up the medication error, and admitting her error should not have serious consequences since she made one mistake in this medication administration. I would question this nurse’s suitability for nursing because she appears to lack clinical judgment.
Failure to apply critical thinking
The situation shows no evidence of the nursing process or...
The end:
.....ective thinking and she seems certain to make the wrong decision which will end her nursing career. According to the CNA (2009), critical thinking and concern for patients’ welfare has to be demonstrated at the very beginning of the nurse’s training and continue to be evident all during her or his life.
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