Risk Management in Huntington Learning Center


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The beginning:
Risk Management in Huntington Learning Center
The Huntington Learning Center is used to discuss a risky project to boost enrollment. Communication with an active Center Director is provided.
Huntington Learning Center
The Huntington Learning Center is attempting to structure a partial scholarship program to establish goodwill within local area schools; provide students who need specific homework help, rather than learning center programs; provide soft-contact marketing opportunities and create a closer relationship with schools, of who have no enrollees (Bradshaw, 2011).
The project itself requires additional labor hours from part-time employees, but if the efforts are successful in the long-term goal of boosting enrollment, then...
The end:
.....age has been established with a feeder school, then possible positive, soft contacts from within will steer students and parents away from enrolling and negatively affect enrollment and therefore profit from even non-scholarship related students.
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