Rhetorical Strategies for Technical Communicators


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This paper shall discuss a variety of rhetorical strategies that engineers can employ to communicate effectively with multiple audiences.
Rhetorical Strategies for Technical Communicators
As engineers we alter reality by creating plans that generate actions that change the shape of the landscape and of society. Rhetoric, according to Bitzer (1999), alters reality not by directly moving or shaping objects, but by creating “discourse which changes reality through the mediation of thought and action” (qtd. in “Rhetoric and persuasion,” 2011, Slide 8). Engineers are responsible for conveying extremely important information to colleagues, clients, and members of the public. Therefore it is essential for engineers to be aware of several...
The end:
.....ngineers should think of the term, the genus (which is a basic description), and the differentia, or what differentiates this item or concept from others.
Overall, technical communicators are tasked with the challenge of communicating effectively with multiple audiences. Having a complete understanding of the importance of appealing to different constituents by using varied rhetorical strategies will ensure that critical concepts are communicated in a clear and concise manner that will help to shape new realities.
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